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Harvey Needs to Make a Decision


Sunday night the New York Mets had the ultimate public relations nightmare. Matt Harvey was pitching an absolute gem. “The Dark Knight” as he is called, pitched 5 innings, struck out 7 batters, allowed one hit and zero runs. Harvey was taken out of the game, not because he was tired, not because he was getting hit by the Yankees and not because he was sore. Harvey got taken out of the game because he is simply saving himself for his future payday.

If Harvey was injured or worn down I would be all for resting him but he has gotten better as the season has gone on. Throw out the Nationals game a week ago, where he let up 7 runs, since the Mets have been in first place, Harvey leads the team in ERA.

Matt Harvey left the game because his Agent Scott Boras has him on a pitch count. Imagine LeBron James telling the Cleveland Cavaliers that after the all-star break he is going to only play the first half of games and when they make the playoffs he is only going to play 1 game in every 7 game series. The Media would destroy him.

My advice to Matt Harvey… just shut it down completely. You are not a competitor you are a businessman. You are only concerned about YOUR FUTURE, not the New York Mets. What message does this send the rest of your team? Hey guys, I am healthy and pitching great but I got to shut it down because I want a pay day. No one in the locker room is going to respect him. Great pitchers want the ball in big games. Harvey came out of the game with a 1-0 lead and the Mets lost the game 11-2. Their bullpen was atrocious. If I am the Mets I put Matt Harvey in the pen for middle relief duty. Let him come in when they team is either up 5-0 or down 5-0. He doesn’t want the ball in crucial innings so why let him control the team. It is the New York Mets on the team jersey not Agent Scott Boras.

A lot of experts had the Dallas Cowboys competing for a Super Bowl this year, they have now lost WR Dez Bryant and QB Tony Romo and it is only week 2 in the NFL. A lot of experts had the Washington Nationals winning the NL East by a landslide, they won’t even make the playoffs. My point is, there is no tomorrow in sports, you never know what the future holds. You have to try and win now while you can.

What Harvey is doing goes against every successful athlete’s creed. Any player worth his weight in salt wants to take the big shot, make the big pass or pitch a complete game. Harvey has not only lost the clubhouse and manager by his actions but he has lost this broadcasters support as well. Imagine if this was a playoff game and Harvey pitched 5 innings of 1 hit baseball and he comes out. The Mets go on to lose the game and the series. No worries Matt, he would rather be a rich Bruce Wayne than an intimidating Dark Knight.

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