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Blue Jays Take 3 of 4 From Yankees In Crucial East Battle


The Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees have been going toe-to-toe for the AL East since early August. New York had been leading the division for a majority of the season, but were overtaken by Toronto after the August 1 Trade Deadline. When the clashing rivals met at Yankee Stadium this past weekend for a four game series, the Jays undoubtedly left with a sense of dominance, taking 3 games out of 4 from the Yankees and scoring 30 runs in that span.

Toronto has been on fire since the Trade Deadline. Acquisitions David Price and Troy Tulowitzki have found immediate success north of the border and have helped to propel the team to the top of the AL East. Josh Donaldson’s contributions go without saying, he will more than likely be this year’s AL MVP. All of this coincides with the Yankees receiving a huge blow in the loss of offensive leader Mark Teixeira for the rest of this year. Teixeira, who hasn’t played since August 26, has a fractured right leg and will not likely return in 2015.

The series did not work out like the Yankees were hoping. On the 11th, the Jays hit 5 home runs (including 2 from Russell Martin) and David Price cruised through 5 IP to down the Yankees 11-5. The 12th became a doubleheader when the 10th’s contest was rained out. In game 1, the Yankees walked 5 in the 11th inning, allowing Ben Revere to come through with a RBI single to give them another win, 9-5. In the nightcap, a six run 2nd inning propelled the Jays, who overcame two separate 3-run homers from Brett Gardner to down New York for the third straight game, 10-7. The win gave the Blue Jays a 4.5 game lead in the East.

The Yankees managed to stave off a sweep and beat the Jays 5-0 on Sunday. It reduced their deficit to 3.5 games, but the Bombers have still got to be reeling after losing badly in 3 games of a must-win Series. The Yankee’s chances of taking the East are not dead, but the team will have to crank it to high gear to keep their hopes alive. And they will have to do it without Mark Teixeira.

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