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All Blame Falls on Rex


Over the next few weeks Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley will be under scrutiny for the product on the field not delivering a post season berth. The truth of the matter is the guy in charge of putting the game plan together on Sunday’s was a colossal failure.

rex ryanRex Ryan was the worst decision owner Terry Pegula made last off-season. He begged and pleaded with Ryan to take the HC job after Doug Marrone quit. Pegula didn’t need to push any other opposing team aside to lure Ryan to Buffalo. He would have come at any price.

Ryan took a Top-5 defense and turned it into garbage. How does that happen? Easy, put an egotistical, loud-mouth, obnoxious, know-it-all in charge.

Say what you want about Marrone and the 2015 season but the Bills were onto something last year. Jim Schwartz was a mastermind at defensive coordinator. His 4-3 defense set a franchise record for sacks (57.5) last season. Enter Ryan, Schwartz kicked to the curb. Was he fired? No, technically he walked because Rex said he was taking over. Ryan bullied Schwartz out of Buffalo. The defense was beautiful. It was blossoming, all it needed was depth, and Ryan changed the entire landscape, instituting a 3-4 scheme with 4-3 personnel. Only a blithering idiot would tinker with the Bills defense.

Greg Roman (hired shortly after Rex), current Bills OC came highly recommended by Ryan. Finding Tyrod Taylor, signing Charles Clay and trading for LeSean McCoy was Whaley’s doing. Roman held back our talent this year big time. Only recently have we seen the explosiveness of Sammy Watkins. Thanks to Whaley’s pressuring of Roman to use his weapons. Putting EJ Manuel in the scheme did what? Served what purpose? Why was he taking snaps at crucial moments in games with Taylor healthy? Defies logic.

Can you imagine if Schwartz had stayed on? The defense would actually have an offense to put points on the board.

How many weeks in a row were penalties an issue? All but one (Week 3 vs Miami). The Bills set records with undisciplined play resulting in penalties, lost yardage, drives stalled, continued, embarrassment.

The Bills have been a complete joke this season. A true reflection of the head coach.

If Pegula brings Rex back next season, fans should throw a challenge flag.



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