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The Best and Worst of the NL’s Offseason Part I: East


I’ll reiterate for anyone just tuning into our site .This winter we’ve decided to take a different approach to our coverage of the MLB’s offseason. With pitchers and catchers reporting in just about 20 days, baseball will soon be in the air. One piece on all the moves made this offseason would stretch around the globe, so I’ve decided to break it down into the two leagues, with each division getting its own article. We’ve already discussed the AL, now we’ll start on the Senior Circuit. Here are my choices for the best and worst moves by each NL East team this offseason.

New York Mets:

Best: Yoenis Cespedes. Pretty easy choice here saying the trade that brought Cespedes to New York pretty much catapulted the Mets into the playoffs. His offense turned a weak lineup into a lineup that you were at least a little worried to face. He helped the team make the World Series, although many judged his play in the postseason as subpar. Yo will definitely have to carry the offense this year in order for the team to go as far as they did last year, because we know one thing for sure, their rotation will keep you in games.

Worst: Asdrubal Cabrera. I believe the Mets should have left Wilmer Flores as the starter and at the very worst have Asdrubal be an infield utility man. According to depth charts it looks as if Asdrubal will be the starter unless Flores has a fairly impressive spring training. Cabrera’s age (30) and lack of range is very concerning to me.

Yargs 2016 Prediction: NL East Champs

Washington Nationals:

Best: Dusty Baker. Yes, a manager is making the cut. Baker has been away from the game for two years so you have to imagine he is hungry to chase down a title. I believe he took over the right team in order to do so. I look for Baker to restore order in the locker room, *Jonathan Papelbon* cough cough, and bring a winning attitude to this team. The Nats are not far off and I believe the right man at the wheel can lead them to some fall baseball. Managers that take a year or two off have recently been successful, for example Terry Francona took a year off and then led a Cleveland Indians ball club that wasn’t very good, to their first playoff berth since 2007.

Worst: Daniel Murphy. I’m not sold on the Mets playoff hero. I believe Murphy is getting paid because of his ridiculous postseason where he hit seven home runs in 14 playoff games. Remind you, he hit 14 dingers in 130 games played in the regular season. I’m not saying he’s a bad player by any means, but I believe this deal is way overhyped and remember he’s gonna have to face that nasty New York rotation now, unlike before.

Yargs 2016 Prediction: 2nd NL East

Atlanta Braves:

Best: Dansby Swanson. Who? First pick of the 2015 MLB draft, was traded by Arizona in the Shelby Miller trade. This kid looks like the real deal with stellar defense and a top of the lineup bat. Since the Braves decided to trade Andrelton Simmons, this opens the door for Swanson. Now, of course, not now and maybe not next year, but it’s not often you can get your hands on a No. 1 pick. Future looks alright at short for Atlanta.

Worst: Trade Michael Bourn and/or Nick Swisher. For a rebuilding team they have no value and all they do is eat money out of the front office’s pockets. Have a lot of respect for these two, but their times in this league are slowly but surely dwindling.

Yargs 2016 Prediction: 4th NL East

Miami Marlins:

Best: Extending Dee Gordon. One of my favorite deals of this offseason, one of and maybe the most electrifying talent’s in the league is staying in Miami. Without a doubt, Gordon posted the best season of his career last year, posting 205 hits, a .333 average, 58 stolen bases and his best defensive season with a .992 fielding percentage at second base. Guys like Gordon make this game fun to watch because you never know what he’s gonna do. Good for Miami.

Worst: Tough to pick one here because of how little amount of moves Miami made, but I’d go with signing Chris Johnson. This isn’t gonna shake up the lineup card or anything but this guy got paid big bucks by Atlanta over one big season and I believe he’s carried an ego that because of that one big year he’s this special player. I could be wrong and it could work out, but also don’t forget, him and starter Jose Fernandez got in a heated argument after Fernandez hit a homer against the Braves.

Yargs 2016 Prediction: 3rd NL East

Philadelphia Phillies:

Best: Jeremy Hellickson. This actually isn’t even a great move, guy has been a subpar pitcher but was always hyped up because of his potential. Well this is the Phillies best move mainly because it has potential to be good.

Worst: Knowing the fact that folks in Philly have to watch this team play 162 games. I feel your pain.

Yargs 2016 Prediction: 5th NL East  

Tomorrow comes the Central, don’t miss it!

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David Yarger


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