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Analyzing The 2016 NFL Draft Part I


The 2016 NFL Draft will begin on Thursday, April 28 and will conclude on Saturday, April 30.  This year’s Draft will be an interesting one because, unlike in previous seasons, there is not a consensus first pick that is guaranteed to go to first overall selector Tennessee. There are many potential players to get the first call, which makes this year’s draft difficult to forecast. In her debut for the 300Level, Gabi Jackson gives her analysis and predictions for the Draft.

First Overall: Tennessee Titans (Last season: 3-13) Needs: Offensive Tackle, Cornerback, Safety, Defensive end

The Tennessee Titans had the second overall pick in 2015, so not much has changed in progress for their 15’-16’ NFL season. What do they need? An Offensive Tackle….somebody to protect the million dollar investment that is Marcus Mariota. That’s why I believe they will take Ole Miss’s Laremy Tunsil. However, with a need for somebody to take the defense I would not be surprised if they took Jalen Ramsey, not wanting to leave him to the Cowboys or quite possibly the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, somebody has to protect the Quarterback, or there will be no scores for the Titans next year.

Second Overall: Cleveland Browns (Last season: 3-13) Needs: Quarterback, Wide Receiver, D-Line, Inside linebacker, O-Line.

The Cleveland Browns Need a Quarterback, plain and simple. With the failure and idiocy of Johnny Manziel as well as the subpar past performances of Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer, the team desperately needs stability under center. With the recent signing of Robert Griffin III, I still feel as though they would want somebody to help on the side. A wide receiver would look wonderful on the side, but they need depth behind RGIII, that’s why Cleveland will take Carson Wentz out of North Dakota. Wentz may fit their scheme of playing and might need the veteran RGIII’s mentality to follow.

Third Overall: San Diego Chargers (Last season: 4-12) Needs: D-Line, Safety, Tight End, O-Line

San Diego has all that it need on Offense, but is lackluster on Defense. Their secondary is lacking and they need to find some depth along those lines. A nice Defensive Lineman out of Ohio State by the name of Joey Bosa might help this sad story. They would be stealing him from Dallas, but in a sense, it might be a necessary move. The Chargers were 20th in overall Defense and 25th in rushing. They need somebody who is going to pursue the opposing Quarterback like his life depends on it.

Fourth Overall: Dallas Cowboys (Last Season: 4-12) Needs: Quarterback,Running Back, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback

The Cowboys were easily the biggest disappointment of the season. Two major injuries in Tony Romo and Dez Bryant and others in Sean Lee, Jeremy Mincey and Randy Gregory, the Cowboys suffered immensely in 2015-16. They were thought to have stolen three ‘number one’ draft picks in 2015, but with only so much time to prepare they were not ready for the big leagues. The Cowboys went through 4 Quarterbacks last season, and if they say they will not take a Quarterback first round, they are surely lying. However, Jared Goff is very much a second round pick, so they would definitely be gunning for Oregon’s Deforest Buckner. Dallas may need the big man to help out the troublesome group that is their Defensive Line.

Fifth Overall: Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Season: 5-11) Needs: Cornerback, Center, Outside Linebacker, Guard

The Jags need help everywhere. A team that has never been to the Super Bowl and hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2007, this team is looking for a player that will spark their fans. Jacksonville needs a player that will boost the morale of its Defense and Offense. Name? Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey. I don’t see him falling into the Jaguars hands, but with people of other needs, he might just do that. He is fiery in the backfield and with a little more training, could be a major threat to the receivers. However, if he doesn’t fall this far, I would switch Jalen Ramsey with Laremy Tunsil. He’s either going 1st or 5th and it’s all up to the Titans and Jaguars.

That will do it for now, but I will back soon with more coverage of the most anticipated day of the offseason for NFL Fans, stay tuned!

Gabi Jackson: @CocoButtaShawty


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