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Can’t Blame Rex for Dareus Stupidity


Buffalo, NY – Lord knows I’ve been quick to hit HC Rex Ryan with a few jabs when it comes to the Bills plundering while under his watch. Turning a Top 5 defense into swiss cheese in less then a month will do that, even from the most  liberal critic.

On Tuesday Buffalo fans learned that in addition to the list of starters nursing injuries another prominent player is facing a 4-game suspension when the season kicks off on Sept. 11th. in Baltimore. Sitting in the sun with Karlos Williams will be Marcel Dareus, dude was caught once again smoking a J.

What’s wrong with a lil weed now and again? Welp, if you are an NFL player (or Coach, official, statistician, ball inflater) you can’t toke, it’s in the rules. In fact, they give you several chances to kick the habit before they actually suspend you for it. As Dareus already knows. See, Mr. 420 missed last seasons home opener against the Indianapolis Colts for the same infraction.

Unfortunately for Bills fans Dareus just can’t help himself. You can’t blame this one on Rex. This falls on the Bills best defensive lineman since Bruce Smith.

Hey, at least the Bills won the off-season. Gulp.


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