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Is Rex a Good Fit for Buffalo?



Rex Ryan will be staying in New York. After being fired by the New York Jets at the end of the season, Ryan will be the Buffalo Bills next head coach. The Bills signed Ryan to a 5- year deal, worth about $27.5 million. Ryan said that the Bills, “Made me feel wanted, so it was an easy decision.”

I can see how this was an easy decision for Ryan. He is getting $27.5 million. Rex is like the girl who didn’t have a prom date. All of a sudden someone asks her to the prom so of course she is going to say yes. That someone in this scenario is the Buffalo Bills, my question is… why would they hire Ryan?

Rex Ryan’s Coaching Career:

  • In Ryan’s 1st two years as the Jets head coach, he led them to back-to-back AFC Championship games.
  • In 6 years Ryan had a combined record of 46-50.
  • Ryan hasn’t made the playoffs for 4 straight years. His record during that time was 8-8, 6-10, 8-8, and 4-12. The team has gotten worse and eroded over time.
  • Ryan has had three offensive coordinators in 6 years.
  • Quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Michael Vick had career low QBR ratings during their time with the Jets.

Forget the fact that the Jets were 4 games below .500 under Ryan. Forget the fact that the Jets were 4-12 this year. How can the Buffalo Bills hire Ryan when the Bills beat the Jets twice this year! Not only did the Bills defeat the Jets, they embarrassed them on two separate occasions. The Bills averaged 21.8 points per game on offense during the regular season. In two games against the Jets the Bills outscored them 81-26

(In week 8 The Bills won 43-23 and in week 12 the Bills won 38-3.)


Rex Ryan has been a below average coach over the past 4 years and for his career. Teams have adjusted to his blitz schemes and in a vertical passing league, he believes in “ground and pound.”

The Bills have a better defense than the Jets but offensively they still don’t have a quarterback. Ryan is going to be the same coach with the same type of team. He hasn’t evolved in 6 years as an offensive coach. The Jets were 0-12 where trailing by 10 or more points at halftime, under Ryan. What does that stat mean? It means that Ryan goes into the game with 1 plan and he doesn’t adjust. Ryan is like a child trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. “We are going to ground and pound, it is who we are!” During the season the Patriots running back, Jonas Gray, rushed for over 200 yards in a game. The following week quarterback, Tom Brady threw for 53 times. The Patriots and elite coaches adjust their game plan every week, Ryan never does.


Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young said on ESPN radio recently, “How can The Jets expect to be effective on offense when Rex Ryan doesn’t really practice it” Ryan is like his dad, Buddy Ryan. He tolerates offense and only coaches one side of the ball. Do I think Rex can win games, yes he can. But he is anything but an elite coach. The Buffalo Bills fans deserve better. Ryan is a used car salesman… his teams play hard but they are undisciplined. When defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson was ejected in a game at Green Bay. Ryan said, “We have the mentality that it us against them and against their fans. I wasn’t happy with it (the ejection), but I love the passion and emotion he displayed” I compare Rex’s  coaching  philosophy to a high school coach who sees one of his players get a cut and he says , “toughen up and put dirt on it” That worked in the 60’s, 70.s and 80’s. But, that is not the modern day NFL. To win now, you need to be a great game to game manager and create mismatches on offense. This is something Ryan has never done. For six years, I watched the Jets commit dumb penalties, constantly have 12 men on the field and never have time outs at the end of the game. Ryan is a coordinator but he gets lost in the day to day details of being a head coach. Bill Parcells once said, “You are what your record is.” Ryan is 46-50 as a head coach. The Bills paid $27 million, for a mediocre coach. By taking the Bills head coaching job Ryan proves one thing. He doesn’t have the ability to evolve as a coach. He went to a safe place where he can continue to preach defense. Look at the final 8 teams in the NFL playoffs. (Baltimore, New England, Indianapolis, Denver, Seattle, Carolina, Dallas, and Green Bay) They all have elite quarterbacks. Ryan has proven to be a quarterback killer.

Monte Perez ~ @Montetjwitter11




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