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Ryan has His “Bully”



The Buffalo Bills have officially signed Richie Incognito. He has not played since being suspended and released by the Miami Dolphins in 2013. Incognito was accused of “Bullying” teammate Jonathan Martin. Whether you think Incognito’s release was justified or not, there is no denying that incognito is the definition of a ‘bully”. If you want more proof just you tube some of his drunken videos.

When Rex Ryan was named the Buffalo Bills head coach, he was quoted as saying, ““We’re gonna build a bully and see if you want to play against us for 60 minutes.” Incognito and Ryan are a perfect match. They are two “meatheads” who are still living in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They talk trash and believe in only one philosophy of playing. They are all about “smash-mouth” football in a vertical passing league.

Here are some other quotes from Ryan’s press conference.

  • “We’re not afraid of [the Patriots]. We expect to win every game.”
  • “I know we’ll lead the league in defense.”
  • I’m not going to let our fans down. It’s been 15 years since we made the playoffs … We’re going.”

Does Pete Carroll or Bill Belichick ever tell the opposing teams what they are going to do before a game? Rex does, rex ryan“We are going to ground and pound.” Ryan is going to love Incognito. They are both filled with hot air and both try to intimidate opposing players and coaches. This is not the 1970’s where you can hit people after the whistle, punch people under the pile or fight during the game. Incognito’s and Ryan’s philosophy are outdated and neither person has evolved. They are two cavemen trying to make it on Wall Street. The NFL has become a schematic league now. Teams have to prepare and take away opponents strength. The “knock” on Ryan has always been that his teams are horrible situationally. As a Jets fan, I watched Ryan’s teams constantly misuse their timeouts, clock management and end of game situations were atrocious. Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young said on ESPN, “How can the Jets be expected to come back in two-minute situations when they barely practice it. Teams like the Packers and Patriots practice those things every day.” Under Ryan the Jets were 0-14 when trailing by 10 or more points at halftime. This means that Rex never makes adjustments. He is a “one trick pony” with his offense and defense game plans. Stop talking Rex just shut up until you actually win something. The Patriots have owned the division for the past 15 years.

Ryan is going to encourage Incognito to be a “bully” It is what Ryan is and what he likes. I compare it to an alcoholic who is hired to work at a bar. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

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