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No Kidding!


The “Playoff Bound” Bills finished at 8-8 under Rex Ryan’s first year as head coach in Buffalo. Missing the playoffs for the 16th straight season. Rex blew into town boasting one prediction after another, lifting fans spirits and trying to antagonize the AFC East, most notably Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. That worked out well, Rex and the Bills dropped both games to the Pats and back in week 2 it was one of the worst home losses in Bills history. The Bills biggest issue this season was the drop off in the overall play of the defense. Today at his season ending presser Ryan called it “Our” defense. Funny, last season “OUR” defense ranked 4th in the NFL, after a year of Ryan they tanked. No Kidding!

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a great guy and an exemplorary teammate and professional. On the field he’s a quality back-up who has played on 6 teams since entering the league. What happened in the 4th quarter at Buffalo Sunday was typical Fitz, three gut-wrenching interceptions that ended the NY Jets playoff hopes. Bills fans have seen that movie before. No kidding!

The Sabres fan base almost came to blows last season over the prospect of finishing in last place. The prize for losing (where many openly cheered) was Jack Eichel or Connor McDavid, the two most impressive rookies to grace the NHL since Sid Crosby. Buffalo finished in dead last and drafted 2nd overall, selecting Eichel. So far, he’s been nothing short of awesome. Where are the Sabres in the standings, closer to the basement than the penthouse. So much for tanking to get better. By the way they added Cody Franson, Ryan O’Reilly and Evander Kane is back from injury. They very well could finish last once again. No kidding!

Ted Nolan is somewhere warm with his toes in the sand enjoying a cold one counting his severance for guiding said Sabres to last place while the all high and mighty Dan Bylsma (2nd coming of Scotty Bowman if you listened to WGR last summer) struggles to pull a much better roster from the basement, currently 3rd worst. NO kidding!

Doug Marrone’s name is resurfacing for a number of vacant NFL head coaching jobs. I’m not surprised in the least. I didn’t care for the way he left Buffalo but the man is a pretty good coach. I’d bet the house that given the 2015 Bills roster Buffalo would be game planning for the Chiefs right about now. No kidding!


Bills fans jumping through tables, setting themselves on fire and fornicating in the lots outside the stadium are the reason tail-gating is going to be banned in the near future. Congratulations Bills Mafia. You made it onto Bleacher Report and Deadspin a record four weeks in a row. We are laughing at you not with you. Yea, poor more alcohol on that open flame. That’ll do the trick. No kidding!

Johnny Manziel reportedly in Las Vegas over the weekend, misses a Sunday morning mandatory meeting with team Doctors? This behavior has gone on since he was drafted. Manziel is the poster boy for making poor decisions and his ability on the field at the NFL level has been pitiful. But let’s fire the GM and Coach. Cleveland you get what you deserve. Johnny Football? More like Johnny Foolsball. No Kidding.






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