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Game 7 Western Conference Finals; For All The Marbles

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If you missed last nights game six action between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder, you missed an instant classic. In my preview I predicted the Thunder to win the series in seven games, and while the series is going the distance, I do not feel as confident in my pick as I did two weeks ago. It is tough as it is to win a game seven on the road against the defending NBA champions and back to back regular season MVP, but to win after such a demoralizing loss as last night, you have to ask yourself, can it be done?

What happened last night? Did the Warriors win game six, or did the Thunder blow it? You could say it was a mixture of both. Trailing by 9 points to start the fourth quarter, sharp shooter Klay Thompson went off for 19 to help seal a 108-101 victory Saturday night. It was quite the performance from the second best player on the Warriors. On top of that, the fifth year player out of Washington state also hit a new NBA record, 11 three pointers in the playoffs. The kid was unconscious with his quick release, and he was hitting from everywhere on the floor.

While this was going on, the Thunder saw their lead disappear, and went back to their old ways. The Thunder superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook choked under pressure. This is not the first time we have witnessed an epic collapse similar to last nights. Bad shots, awful turnovers, pathetic defense. We saw a team that could not handle the pressure and choked when it mattered most. It is tough to win games when you can’t even pass the ball inbounds. Instead you throw in inadvertent pass that leads to an easy basket for the opposition. Russell Westbrook has been playing like an MVP all series until the last six minutes of game six. Poor shot selection, awful clock management and unforced turnovers caused this Thunder loss.

With game seven Monday night in the bay area, it seems like a sure fire lock for the Warriors to return to the Finals. Klay and Steph combined for 72 points and will look to continue their shooting ways. Can the Thunder rebound from last night? Will this be the last game we see Kevin Durant in a Thunder uniform? We will find out Monday night. May the best team win!



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