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MLB Dream Comes True for Dan Dallas

Dan Dallas Photo Credit: Springville Journal
Dan Dallas
Photo Credit: Springville Journal

This past Friday Dan Dallas, a senior from Canisius High School was drafted by the San Diego Padres. Dallas received the call at his home in Springville from a Padres scout who covers this area for the MLB club. It’s a dream come true for the left-handed pitcher who most recently led the Crusaders to a Georgetown Cup championship just over a week ago. The call came while Dallas was surrounded by friends and family members.

Dallas was selected 204th overall in the 7th round. Committed to Monmouth College in New jersey, he will now have to decide on whether to accept a pro contract or further his education at the collegiate level and play Div. 1 ball. Dallas spoke to #FT300L Saturday and said he and his family are working through his advisor in negotiating a pro contract. Once they have had a chance to review the Padres offer, Dallas will make a decision on his future. “This is a dream come true for me” adding “I’m excited about what’s to come.”

Just prior to speaking with #FT300L, Dallas was on the phone with his cousin, Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. “He’s been giving me some good advice” Dallas told me, their mother’s are sisters. They share the same California based agent.

Dallas said that if he accepts the Padres offer he’ll have five days to accept or reject it. Should he accept, he’ll have to report to Scottsdale, AZ where he’ll catch up with the Padres affiliate and play Rookie ball.

Dallas knew as a sophomore that he was going to have to really commit himself to baseball. He quit football and dedicated his effort into becoming a great pitcher. He credits Charlie Karstedt of Full Circuit Athletics in Orchard Park and Canisius High School pitching coach Jon Lilley with his development. He also received help early on from former MLB pitcher Joe Hesketh. He set a goal of throwing above 87 mph, as a left-hander, pitchers that throw with that kind of velocity are considered solid prospects. Dallas has been clocked in the 90’s.

During his Junior year he accepted a ride to Monmouth, based on his experiences while touring the campus. He indicated it was smaller and in ways like Canisius. Another factor was that he would be able to contribute immediately.

Until a decision is made, Dallas will continue playing in the PGCBL with the Jamestown Jammers.


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