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Henderson Should be taking season off


Buffalo, NY- Seantrell Henderson is in a tough spot. The third-year lineman has been battling Chrone’s disease, during the off-henderson2season. He underwent two surgeries to have parts of his intestines removed. Most recently Henderson learned he failed a drug test and will be suspended for the first four-games of the season (reported by NFL Insider Ian Rapoport on Wednesday).

Henderson was busted for marijuana, nothing new to pro-athletes, we hear this story all of the time. In his defense, Henderson says he was using the drug to help battle his disease. There is truth to that. The problem, it’s on the list of banned substances, if caught “multiple times” using marijuana a player will be suspended as is the case with Henderson.

It’s black and white, the NFL does not care why one would smoke dope, the rule is if you are caught using you will miss games. That simple. Save the argument that marijuana is harmless, I get that. It’s tiring. I don’t make the rules at my work place any more than you do. But. We have to follow them or no paycheck. I like my paycheck. I’m sure Seantrell likes his too.

FT300LThis isn’t his first time he’s had issues using marijuana, he was nailed during his college days at the University of Miami on three separate occasions. The man likes to smoke. Chrone’s or no Chrone’s. I’m lucky not to be in Henderson’s shoes right now. This disease isn’t a joke and not too be taken lightly. Henderson is in a position where he could skip the season, focus on his health more than anything. He can smoke all the dope he wants during that time. Then he can return to football at the appropriate time.

That should be his focus. But I’m not him. He makes his own decisions, he’s a grown man. In the back of his head he might be worried about another player taking his spot. Henderson has proved though that he could be a valuable asset on any offensive line. Teams pay big money for capable blockers up front. Henderson is one of them.bills logo

Henderson was with the team Tuesday for practice in preparation of week one’s match-up with the Baltimore Ravens. It’s not clear if he would have been made active given all of his medical issues that kept him out of training camp until this week. Buffalo HC Rex Ryan called Henderson’s return to the field a “Big Step”.

Should the NFL follow through on the suspension Henderson would not be available to return until Oct. 9 vs the Los Angeles Rams.

Buffalo will start Jordan Mills in his place. He appeared in 10 games last season with the Bills.




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