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Nothing Surprising About Bills Loss Sunday


By Frank Wolf

You mad bro? C’mon people, no way Buffalo was going into Oakland and winning that game. The Raiders are on a completely different level in every aspect.

Coaching: Jack Del Rio vs Rex Ryan


Del Rio prepares his team without controversy, without prognostications, he just delivers a message, makes sure his coaches and players follow through on assignments and let’s the chips fall. He makes the necessary in-game and half-time adjustments. He also effectively uses the clock to his advantage, not wasting a second.

The book on Rex is, thin. Clumsy, misguided, bullish, rah-rah-rah.

Offense: Derek Carr vs Tyrod Taylor

Derek Carr vs Tyrod Taylor is silly to even compare. The Raiders receiving corps on Sunday was much better then the Bills, I’ll give them that BUT the difference was confidence. Carr wears it like a mink coat. Taylor, looks unsure, untrusting and a second late on most passes.

Defense Khalil Mack vs Marcel Dareus

Khalil Mack and Marcel Dareus aren’t miles a part but it was evident Sunday that Mack has a gear Dareus isn’t reaching. When the Bills need a stop, when they need pressure Marcel was MIA. Mack, always at the center.

Mack: 7 Tackles, 4 Solo, 1 Sack

Dareus:  4 Tackles

The Bills made plays, LeSean McCoy is a savage. One of the most elusive running backs the Bills have ever had, period! He can’t do it himself though. McCoy could be twice as productive if Taylor threw the ball to his receivers.

It’s absolutely no shock the Bills lost to the Raiders Sunday. They are not in the same league. Oakland is a team that will be pushing for the AFC Title while Buffalo is on the verge of missing the playoffs for a 17th straight season.

The Bills are worse in every facet of the game since Rex took over. This is an undeniable fact.

The season isn’t over, the playoffs are not out of reach but hope is on life-support. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in town next weekend, if Buffalo loses that one, then you can pull the plug.


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