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Buffalo guard Jeremy Harris leading by example on the court


There are few players across the country that can match Jeremy Harris’ skillset.

He’s tall, athletic, has a pure jumper and knows how to attack the rim. For those reasons alone, he’s entering the second half of his senior season as a legitimate NBA prospect.

But you wouldn’t know it by talking with Harris. He’s humble and credits his Bulls teammates for his success since joining UB.

His work ethic on and off the court plays a major factor in the player he’s developed into.

Nate Oats tweeted high praise of Jeremy Harris following his career game against Toledo.

Following his career-high 34-point effort against Toledo on Tuesday evening, Buffalo head coach Nate Oats tweeted that Harris is one of the hardest working players he’s ever coached.

He elaborated on those comments Friday afternoon after practice.

“He’s in the gym all the time,” said Oats, “When most college kids are out partying, he’s in the gym on the gun, getting shots up and working on his game.”

Harris was on the court, taking shots by himself three hours prior to the Bulls latest contest against the Rockets.

“I wouldn’t call it normal but I like to get out there a little bit early just to get a little bit more sweat going, go ahead and get my first sweat of the night going so I’m ready for the game,” said Harris.

He’s a big believer in putting time in the gym, looking up to a former legend on the court.

“Kobe always wanted to outwork his opponents,” said Harris, “That’s how I treat myself. I feel like if you work hard, it’s all going to payoff.”

Harris has been rewarded for his hard work with another solid.

He’s averaging 15.1 points, six rebounds and 2.9 assists per game and his numbers would be even better had he not struggled with a wrist injury that needed cortisone shots earlier this season.

Oats says Harris is now 100% healthy and you can see the difference on the court.

“He looks like a pro running out there. He makes me look like a really good coach with all the time and work he’s put in.”

Six months from now, Harris very well could be a pro with the NBA Draft taking place in June. 


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