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Amanda Janosky Takes on Expanded Role as the Villa Vikings Director of Athletics



July 9, 2019

Buffalo, NY – In addition to serving as the longstanding head women’s soccer coach, Amanda Janosky will now serve as the Director of Athletics for Villa Maria’s growing athletics program.

“Amanda has a strong understanding of the opportunity to grow and develop Villa’s athletic programs,” said Brian Emerson, Villa’s vice president for enrollment management. “Her years of experience in teaching, coaching and playing at the Division I and professional levels have provided her with the ability to succeed in this role. She has proven herself to be dedicated to the College and its mission, and I am confident that Amanda will lead our student-athletes to success both academically and athletically.”

Janosky has been the head women’s soccer coach since 2016 when collegiate athletics were reintroduced at Villa. In that role, she has been responsible for growing the women’s soccer program, which includes setting physical conditioning goals, ensuring each athlete meets the academic standards of the College and the USCAA Conference, staffing, coordinating all the team’s logistics, and maintaining the program’s budget.

As the director of athletics, she will manage all aspects of planning, supervision, staffing, delivery, and evaluation of the entire intercollegiate athletics program. This includes developing a comprehensive recruitment strategy for student-athletes, interacting with faculty, managing the budget for the athletic department, managing personnel, ensuring compliance with conference and league rules, providing leadership in developing plans for facility improvements, engaging the campus and local community in athletics program and events and more.


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