Time To Respect Tom Brady As The GOAT

Tom Brady balled out in Super Bowl LI coming back from a 28-3 deficit against the Atlanta Falcons.

As a Buffalo based website, I know I will catch some flack for posting this, but it needs to be said. Tom Brady is the GOAT. The man is going to start in his 10th Super Bowl in one week. Repeat that again to yourself. Half the players in this league do not even stick around to see year ten of their playing career. According to the NFLPA, the average career length for an NFL player is 3.3 years. Brady has been on an NFL roster for 21 seasons, and he has aspirations of playing til he is 45, meaning two more years.

While in New England, Brady tormented the AFC East and specifically the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia. Brady beat the Bills 32 different times, while losing only 3 contests. In an even crazier stat, Brady has more wins in Buffalo, than any other quarterback in the league, including those of the Buffalo Bills since 2001. That will all change soon with the emergence of Buffalo’s lord and savior in Josh Allen. Enough trashing the Bills.

Brady enters Super Bowl LV (#55) with a 6-3 record in the big game. The four time Super Bowl MVP has not always been great in the big game, but he did lead an epic comeback down 28-3 against the Falcons, and played a major role in their SB wins against Carolina and Philadelphia in back to back seasons. Sure the haters will always remember the two losses at the hands of Eli Manning and the Giants, or the loss to a backup in Nick Foles and the Philly special.


What makes Brady the GOAT? Sure at 43 years of age, the arm strength has deteriorated, and he doesn’t move as quickly as he did, if he ever did. The one thing TB12 has done is kept his body in great shape, which is well known through his TB12 Method. Lots of water, band work, and stretching. While in New England, Brady made the most of the talent around him. Sure Gronk was destined to be a star, but Brady made Wes Welker and Julian Edelman stars in the league as well. While he never helped Moss win a Super Bowl ring, the due put up Madden like numbers including 23 receiving touchdowns in his first year with the Patriots. Did the defense help Tom win some games, and even a Super Bowl? Absolutely. There is no doubt about that.

A friend of mine and I would always go back and forth debating who the better quarterback was. He would always go with Peyton Manning, and I would go with Tom. I would argue that Peyton beat a Rex Grossman Chicago Bear led team, and that it was Von Miller and the Broncos D who helped Peyton capture his second ring. He never admitted it, but I knew I was always right.

When Tom Brady decides to hang it out, the Hall of Fame committee should make an exception and allow him to be eligible right away for the gold jacket. Win or lose Sunday night in Super Bowl LV, TB12 will go down as the greatest to ever do it. (Patrick Mahomes could make it interesting however).

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