Trevor Bauer Joins Already Dominant Dodgers Pitching Staff

Trevor Bauer and his agent Rachel Luba has had Twitter occupied all off season. The duo would drop hints and clues about where the reigning NL Cy Young award winner would sign. On February 4th, Luba tweeted that her client had narrowed it down to two big league teams. On Friday, Bauer released an awesome video with discussing the process, and ultimately his decision in joining the Dodgers.

Everyone should know who Bauer is. The former Cleveland Indian who chopped his finger with a drone during the Tribes 2016 playoff run. Let us not forget when he chucked a ball over the center field fence when Cleveland was in Kansas City after getting yanked by manager Terry Francona. The quirky righty was then dealt to the Reds and helped Cincinnati reach the playoffs this past season. Bauer absolutely shoved it, going 7.2 IP striking out 12 and allowing just 2 hits. Unfortunately Bauer got no support from the bats and the Reds lost 1-0 in 13 innings.

Obviously we know that this season was much different due to Covid, but what Trevor did not only on the field, but off the field as well was pretty special. Trevor teamed up with the media company called Momentum to create a vlog and follow him around for the season. His Youtube channel allowed the casual fan to see what type of player Bauer is. As a former ball player myself, I remember Bauer from his days at UCLA, long tossing from foul pole to foul pole and doing some crazy warm ups. Through his vlog we were able to witness his throwing routines, how he tracked his progress, and the interaction between his teammates. If you have some free time, I HIGHLY recommend you check out his content on Youtube. Here is episode one if you want to find yourself watching 6 straight hours of Youtube.

Lets talk Dodgers now. Bauer joins a pitching staff with two other Cy Young award winners in Clayton Kershaw and David Price. Did you forget that Price was a Dodger?  I have no doubt that Walker Buehler will earn his first Cy Young award within the next three seasons.

Sure the Padres did some work in the offseason, but with the addition of Bauer, the Dodgers are now again the clear favorites to win the NL West, the NL Pennant (+200), and the World Series (+400).

it is important to note that reports out there are saying the Mets offered more money to Bauer. Yes the money is crazy, but the important take away here is that Bauer can opt out after each season. Bauer is set to make the most money his first two seasons. The chances his stays for a 3rd year with the Dodgers is minimal.

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